The 19th day of Juny, 2005 - Palermo

The solidarity award Lions Club Palermo

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The 16th day of April, 2005 - Vicenza

Visit of Mons. Antonio, Metropolitan of Italiy and Archie-bishop of Ravenna, and His retinue to the International Institute of Diplomatic Relations.

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THE 29th day of January, 2005 - Palermo.

University of Palermo Chancellorship - Palazzo Steri "Sala delle Capriate".

Presentation of the publication of the sudies International Congress Act - "The Court of auditors in the mediterranean countries. Jurisdictional - Functions in the area of public accounting".

The International Institute of Diplomatic Relations has willingly accepted the proposal to initiate a plan of publication of a juridical texts series with the presentation of the volume that collects the Acts of the International Congress held in Agrigento, held on April the 16th and 17th, 2004, with the cooperation of the scientific support of ISEL and the organization of the Regional Province of Agrigento,under the High Protection of the President of the Republic, of the President of the Cabinet and the President of Region Sicily,as an international congress that was honoured by the attendance of the representatives at the most important presence of the Court of Auditors of Italy, Algeria, France, Greece, Marocco, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Tunisia and the Dean of the European Union Court of Audit for the first time. The aforesaid acts are now offered to the general attention of the public. The edition is enriched by the translation of the original texts, that was specifically made to offer a greater number of experts, scholars, university students, a useful instruments of research and knowledge of a subject, such as the protection of the public finance,that has ever before captured the attention and the interest of the individuals concerned to the public interest in the civil society and in the academic world.

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Italia Oggi (Italy) - January 25, 2005
Official notice prints - January 29, 2005
Giornale di Sicilia (Italy) - January 30, 2005
Gazzetta del Sud (Italy) - January 30, 2005
Giornale di Sicilia (Italy) - January 30, 2005
Giornale L'Inchiesta di Sicilia - marzo 2005

Vicenza (Italy) - January 21, 2005

Visit of the International Institute of Diplomatic Relations of H.R.E. Mons. Alberto Tricarico, Archie-bishop of Sistroniana, Apostolic Delegate.

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