Upon the initiative of Dom Rosario Poidimani, Prince of Saxon Coburg and Bragança, the Institute was established 1977 in Pordenone, Italy considering the basic possibility of dialogues and contacts for the professional as well as the diplomats of honour also outside the official seats.

Almost immediately have joined diplomats from a lot of countries which have recognised the importance and potential of a institution which is expressing herself in a new way, being positioned in a social and political realty of the moment.

A statute of the Organisation has been accepted, whose basics will not meet any fence in the time.

We shall highlight some of the most important articles, which will immediately prove the values stated:

Art. 1

1. The goal of the IIRD is the enforcement of the diplomatic spirit for peace, social justice and fraternity between the population.

2. IIRD is a diplomatic, cultural, historic and social entity, whose members are the states as well as persons, physical and juridical, who persist in the defence of the interests as mentioned in the statutes

Art. 2

The mission:

a. To unite the nations of the world on the basis of harmony of human relations. To build up the informative and economic relationship and the exchange of the cultures.

b. To guard the peace, security and progress of all the population of the Earth, In the name of the international gentlemen's law, by utilising adequate diplomatic representatives.

The IIRD is an Organisation above Nations, independent of any States, or any other national or international organisation whatsoever, and operates through own Commissions, which are stated below:

* The human rights commission

* Cultural Commission

* Commission for industry and environment

* Health and environment protection Commission

* Agricultural Commission

* Ecumenical Commission

* Commission for interventions in the emerging countries

* Commission for consultancy, co-ordination and co-operation

* Economic and financial commission

* Commission for development of international commercial exchange


IIRD also promotes

"The International Ecological Court"

as well as the

"International Peace Club".

How the Institute is structured within various Nations


Art. 35

1. IIRD shall be assigning by the law any functions or charges, including those diplomatic, which are not in contrast of any internal regulations of any of the countries where the own diplomatic representatives shall be appointed... (omission)...

2. The diplomatic charges can be obtained only for highest merit acquired in human relations and substantial diplomatic activity... (omission)... and those foreseen are:


(fitted out with a rang of the AMBASSADOR)


(fitted out with a rang of the Minister Plenipotentiary or General Consul )


(fitted out with a rang of the Diplomatic Counsellor or Consul)


(fitted out with a rang of the Attaché or Vice Consul)


Two distinctive identification documents are released to all IIRD diplomatic representatives in spite of fulfilment of their mission:

a. LAISSEZ PASSER (LET PASS) for all members to whom a particular function has been assigned

b. DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT for all officially accredit members.